Brand new Constitution of your Republic regarding Venezuela decreed for the January 23, 1961 is hereby derogated

First: The special law on the regime for the Capital District as provided for under article 18 of this Constitution shall be approved by the National Constituent Assembly, and shall preserve the territorial integrity of the State of Miranda. Pending approval of the special law, the regime provided for under the Organic Law on the Federal District and the Organic Law on the Municipal Regime shall remain in effect.

Second: Pending enactment of the law provided for under article 38 of this Constitution concerning the acquisition, election, renunciation and recovery of nationality, foreign individuals who, having entered and remained within the national territory legally and declared their intention of establishing their domicile in Venezuela, have a lawful means of earning a living and have resided continuously in Venezuela for two years, shall be regarded as domiciled in Venezuela. Residence shall be understood as meaning continuing presence in the country with the intention of remaining. Declarations of intent as provided for under articles 32, 33 and 36 of this Constitution shall be made in the form of an authentic instrument by the interested party, when the latter is of legal age, or by his legal representative , if he has not yet reached the age of 21.

At the same time a couple of full conditions managing the working go out and you can creating this new modern cures thereof would be provided, toward terminology considered under the All over the world Labor Providers plans and you will conventions signed of the Republic

(1) A partial reform of Penal Code to incorporate the latest crime off pushed disappearance out of persons, because sent to less than post 45 for the Structure.

Undergoing formulating so it rules, the fresh views of your own President* of one’s Republic, this new Federal Armed forces, including icon given that can be designated by the related Condition and every other establishments involved in edging troubles might be heard

(1) Pending enactment with the change, the fresh Inter-Western Meeting into the Forced Disappearance regarding People should apply insofar that one can.

(3) Yet another rules to determine brand new requirements and you will qualities regarding good special routine towards the Municipalities off Jose Antonio Paez and you may Romulo Gallegos, about State out-of Apure.

(1) Laws and regulations for the charges to have torture, in both the form of a separate law or because of the reforming the Penal Code.

(2) A natural rules toward refugees* and you can asylum pledges, similar to the terms of that it Constitution in addition to related in the world treaties ratified from the Venezuela.

(3) By reforming this new Natural Labor Legislation, a special routine for the ideal out-of staff regarding severance money since controlled during the article ninety-five which regimen should provide for severance repayments determined equal in porportion toward time-served and you can determined in respect into the past paycheck generated, installing a law of restriction because of it proper off ten (10) many years. Up until for example reformed law goes into feeling, the new seniority benefit arrangement oriented within the expose All-natural Work Laws already in force will briefly stay static in perception.

(4) A natural procedural labor rules guaranteeing the new functioning out-of an independent and formal work jurisdiction and safeguards to possess gurus towards the words taken to inside Constitution therefore the laws. The fresh all-natural work proceeding rules shall be guided of the values off gratuitous provider, expeditiousness, dental proceedings, immediacy, concern into the fact of the activities, guarantee and guiding authority of the legal in the procedures.

(5) This new rules concerning the Official System, National Personal Administration, Citizen Strength, Electoral Energy, income tax legislation, Budgeting Laws, and you may Public Borrowing from the bank Law. An organic law on the public cover. Up to which laws was passed, the brand new Fee for the Functioning and Restructuring of the Official System are going to be in charge of the organization and active functioning away from new Independent Social Defender System, in order to guarantee the legal right to a safeguards.