Mindy Kaling gave birth to her daughter in 2017, but she hasn’t revealed the identity of Katherine’s father. Mindy Kaling is an American actress and comedian famous for playing the role of Kelly Kapoor in the NBC sitcom The Office. Mindy also starred and produced the Hulu series The Mindy Project from 2012 to 2017. Kaling has also used the term, tweeting at Novak in 2013, “you’re my soup snake,” and again later that year, “happy birthday to my soup snake.”

“I’m headed out for a night of fun with my best friend,” Kaling said in an Instagram video prior to the event. The camera then swiveled to Novak who shouted, “What’s up Snapchat!” as Kaling shook her head in mock embarrassment. Kaling celebrated their friendship on National Best Friend’s Day in 2017. In a 2016 interview with The Guardian, Novak was asked to expand on his connection with Kaling. “We’re very close in sort of a natural, eternal way,” he replied.

– 2007: Things Get Romantic, But It’s Kind Of Complicated

“It was years and years ago that that breakup happened,” she told the host. Novak posted a photo of a shopping cart on Instagram complete with aBostonmagazine featuring Kaling on the cover while at a grocery store with his mom. Novak recalled toThe Guardianin 2016 that Kaling trolled him regularly at work.

In that same CBS interview, Mindy Kaling revealed “It’s still nice. We do spend a lot of time together, and it’s a great blessing in my life.” After Kaling finally took the stage, she shared a little of her first impression of Novak, saying, “‘Wow, that guy is so brilliant, so funny and so unfriendly, I just need him to like me.’ And ChristianMingle it turned out great. He’s seen all the ups and downs, and it just means the world to me.” Novak became known for starring as Ryan Howard in the NBC sitcom The Office (2005–2013), for which he also served as a writer and executive producer. He played roles in the films Inglourious Basterds , Saving Mr. Banks , and The Founder .

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Novak then got out his phone to prove his point by reading text messages they sent each other. Novak acknowledged that his friendship with Kaling was “eternal”. In 2016, Novak said his friendship with Kaling was “eternal.” Novak affectionately called Kaling his “soup snake” in 2013.

He also served as a consulting producer for the first season of The Mindy Project. Novak and his fellow writers and producers of The Office were nominated five consecutive times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series from 2007 to 2011. Novak’s character goes through ups and downs throughout his work career and has an on and off relationship with Kelly Kapoor . When Mindy accepted the honor, she thanked Novak for his friendship. “I am so lucky that my favorite writer is also my best friend, I love you,” she said.

But while the creator and star of The Mindy Projectassures us that there’s nothing new to report about her and Novak on the romance front, she admits that she’s rather enjoying the vigilant interest in her love life. He also praised Kaling’s series, The Mindy Project, calling it his “favorite” of her work, and joking that the main character, Mindy Lahiri, was “balancing work with her many terrible and toxic relationships with men who all looked weirdly like me.” Fans have even speculated that Novak might be the father of Kaling’s daughter, Katherine, 4, and son, Spencer, 2.

In the picture she posted, they were each dressed as Harry Burns and Sally Albright from the romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” a movie where two best friends fall in love. When Novak and Kaling’s joint “The Mindy Project” episode finally aired in 2013, Novak tweeted “Mindy and I are soup snakes.” By 2013, Kaling and Novak had not been romantically involved for six years.

She would make up these – just out of nowhere – purposeless lies that I believed. Like saying that Allison Jones, the casting director of The Office, was also an actress who had been the third lead inCold Mountain. Kaling revealed in 2015 that she and Novak actually grew up about 10 minutes away from one another, but didn’t meet until the show that made them both stars. Novak has also appeared in the films Unaccompanied Minors in 2006, Knocked Up in 2007, Reign Over Me in 2007, The Internship in 2013, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. He attended Newton South High School with future The Office costar John Krasinski, and they graduated in 1997.

While the two did date on and off for a while, that is all behind them and the remain the best of friends. You know a friendship is solid when it stands the test of time. Dawson’s Creek might have ended back in 2003, but it’s 14 years later and Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips are still close as ever. From being the BFF they go in during to tough times, to being the bridesmaids or groomsmen at each other’s weddings or the godparent to one another’s children, we can’t get enough of these celeb besties. Take a seat, grab a snack, and prepare to say ‘a‘ with us as we showcase some of our favorite former (and current!) co-stars who are best friends IRL.

The “character” of Chain, as she calls it, evolved over the past couple of years. As part of the research process, De Jong, Novak and Kraft scouted “like every chain restaurant in SoCal having lunch at all of them,” De Jong says. Once they landed on what exactly they were creating and what they wanted the definitive Chain experience to be, De Jong got started on crafting the set, otherwise known as a home on a tree-lined street. However, Mindy and B.J.’s relationship carried over from the screen to real life.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards are being broadcast live on NBC at 8 p.m. Friends since they met while working on The Office in 2004 , Kaling and Novak have been vocal about their now-platonic love for each other. “Wow, that guy is so brilliant, so funny and so unfriendly, I just need him to like me,” Kaling, 43, recalled of her initial thoughts about meeting with Novak, per The Hollywood Reporter. The New York-based Maryland native graduated from Randolph-Macon College in May 2016 with a focus in Communication Studies and Journalism. She came to PEOPLE in March 2021 after working at a number of major news companies, including Newsweek and Us Weekly.

While it might be complicated for her to date as a single mother of two children , Kaling is grateful for her friendship with Novak. Besides supporting her craft, Novak, the godfather to Kaling’s daughter Katherine, is reported to be taking his godfather role quite seriously. Kaling pointed out that she told him if anything happens to her, he would have to take care of her children. Novak met almost 15 years ago, it was not sure if they knew they would have a great relationship. Their friendship has spanned many years and has seen them support each other. While on the Today show, Hoda Kotb showed Kaling the post, and she got emotional.

The term “soup snakes” comes from an episode in season 7 where Steve Carell’s Michael Scott confuses his own handwriting, reading “soup snakes” rather than “soul mates” in a written love confession. Friends since they met while working on The Office in 2004, Kaling and Novak have been vocal about their now-platonic love for each other. They’ve helped each other on creative projects, attended each other’s red carpet premieres, and in 2017, Novak officially became a member of Kaling’s family when he became her daughter’s godfather.