I teared up while reading the letters between her and her amazing father, and was so proud to see her finally be so happy. An otome game is a story based video game that is targeted towards the female market. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male or female characters. I do think the tone after Ishida’s passing could be improved upon a little, especially since I think there’s a good foundation there. I think there’s a sense of “fighting” between the lighthearted dating-sim tone that the “game” is trying to push, and the struggles of Haru with her grief, though this could be built upon more.

I really enjoyed this, it was such a pleasant experience and I’m definitely going to have to come back for more in the future. Yeah it’s so wholesome to know I’m not the only one who played this games­čą░. I tried via the website and was able to download it. Can’t wait to try it – I really like the look of your characters! Am still playing through, more episodes to come of the playthrough soon!

This game has opened so many new doors for me for so many new opportunities to expand myself in every way, and it’s just so amazing. I finished this game a while ago and found it really enjoyable. The art was cute, the characters were endearing, and some endings were heartbreaking. One complaint I have is that I recently started up the game again to replay a route and found that all of my data had been erased except for my saves. All of the scenes, endings, and CGs are gone.

The player will be thrown into action genre territory near end-game through all the routes. That was something I had not been prepared for, but it was not unwelcome. The game actually contains a lot of hints that action will be presented later on.

Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club

You don’t have to incorporate these if you don’t want to of course lol. For starters, he’s pretty innocent and doesn’t get sexual innuendos , so if there was anything like that it would go right over his head unless it was spelled out for him. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.

The Ultimate FREE Otome Game list.

It was so refreshing and different from a lot of games I’ve played. Also the differences not only between the romances, but the different scenarios and interactions you get depending on Emma’s LI was so much fun. I’ve played through each route at least twice to see all of the different interactions and will probably play a third time. I loved the mystery aspect of the game, although I still haven’t figured all of it out yet, especially Rayner. He is such a complex and interesting character, I want to know more about him! This is a great, beautiful, amazing game.

Siren Head Dating Sim

The Small Voice Acting parts, the music, the artwork – all fab! Hana, the protagonist of Asagao Academy, transfers to the school after a series of negative experiences. She desperately wants to join the Normal Boots Club, though her motives may be less than pure. Shy, awkward, quiet, and a wee bit insecure, she has a big heart and genuinely cares about people.

In just 24h this comment went from lovely to very veeery creepy. Jirard is an avid collector of Itty Bitty Kitty figurines. Passionate, ambitious, and a bit of a perfectionist, he is the resident speed-runner. Perhaps as a result of his need to complete, he does well both academically and socially, being one of the most caring people on campus.

I loved the cameos of characters from Synokoria’s previous game and all of the dynamic events you can have depending on the route you pick for Halloween Otome. That was a very thoughtful and delightful thing. I’ve only really been exposed to FNF, gotoplaydate com so I wouldn’t say I’m a rhythm gamer, but I can say I like DDLC and this game is DDLC mixed with a little FNF. You can get some good content out of this if you choose Andria ;). Been reading around this game hasn’t had any further development.

The next day when you tell your friend at school about the game, she comes up with a mischievous plan to turn you into a real life otome heroine and things go terribly wrong. I am using PC on windows 10, specifically the 64 file . I spent almost an hour last night uninstalling and reinstalling both versions from both the itch app and directly from the files and neither works at any point.