When I talk about it, I get a spiritual reprieve. If I’m not reaching out to others, being of service, going to meetings, working the steps, I will eventually forget how bad it gets. I will end up thinking that a drug is the best solution to take me out of whatever momentary pain I’m in. I first took a drink of alcohol when I was 14 years old. I stole it from my parents’ liquor cabinet, which was above the refrigerator. I had one shot and I wondered what two would feel like. And then I had two and I wondered what four would feel like.

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It might really help me to say sober hearing what Kodak has to say about it. “Kodak speaks to a Broward Courtroom of individuals dealing with addiction problems. He speaks about his own battles and issues and the things he feels are important to a sober life. I believe this is all part of the process of healing. There are missteps along the way, but people should always realize that the first step is wanting to get better,” Bradford Cohen captions the video.

Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart” Series: From a “Lil Compton N*gga” to “The Greatest Rapper Alive”

It’s one thing to play up drug use as part of the creation of a musical persona , but it’s another to completely fake it for the sake of selling records and signing sponsorship deals. I always believed 50 to be an authentic artist, especially at the beginning of his career, but apparently his desire to sell records and brand loyalty trumps everything. After all, the motto was get rich or die trying, not get rich but always be completely honest. Remarkably, EFFEN Vodka partnered with a sober 50 several years ago in a paid endorsement deal, which finds the rapper pimping their product on social media. Even back in his chasing Sherane days, Kendrick wasn’t really getting high . Dot in Vegasfrom way back when and there’s the astonishingly powerful “u,” which depicts the unfun side of getting intoxicated, but for the most part Kendrick is a sober artist. A GQ profile on Lamarwent out of the way to discuss his sobriety, and in an interview with HardKnockTV he talks about how, despite the fact that ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul blaze more trees than a Calabasas fire, he just never got into it.

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Earnings of the world's highest earning rappers and hip-hop artists 2019. According to the most recent data, the world's highest earning hip-hop artists is Kanye West, who made an estimated 150 million U.S. dollars in the year leading to June 2019.

After revealing he would drink lean 5-6 times a day during his interview onThe Breakfast Club, Lil Baby admitted it started affecting his speech, which forced him to ween off it completely. On May 8, 2018, he tweeted he hadn’t taken lean in almost a month. These days, prescription drugs seem to be a part of the rapper starter kit. While, for the most part, drug use in hip-hop has never been taboo (meaning you can’t totally blame this on the kiddos), the promotion and use of drugs of the highly addictive nature is at an all-time high. While drugs and music can be close bedfellows, we’d all much rather have our favorite artists alive and healthy than partying like a rockstar and headed toward an early grave.

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For artists, especially up-and-coming independents, smoking grass has always been a way to bond with fans on tour. I once smoked with Chiddy Bang in college and it was one of the best days of my life; I’ll always love Chiddy https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Bang because of it. As a fan, there’s something cool about saying, “I smoked him up!” but as a sober artist it must be exhausting to be constantly inundated with drug offers from creepy fans who you’ve never met before.

Andre 3000 may experiment with bow ties and suspenders, but he doesn’t toy with drugs. Word has it that Ice Cold hasn’t touched a mind-altering substance for nearly two decades. Andre decided to make the change after partying too hard in his younger days.

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“They say health is wealth—I need my bag,” he noted. It’s hilarious rappers who are sober that Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call” falls into this story.

Every individual can find something that works for them and their needs. Fans naturally equate spiraling and unhealthy behavior with good music and would rather see their favorite musician continue to spiral for the sake of their craft and our entertainment. Although there are new movements promoting mental health awareness and self-care within the hip-hop community, fans still praise the destruction of the genre’s biggest artists. Grammy winner Macklemore has had a very public battle with drugs. He addresses the struggle of addiction in his music, including the song “Kevin” about a friend he lost to drugs and “Starting Over” which deals with recovering from a relapse.

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“I had an experience with alcohol that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it,” 50 told Piers Morgan. In an interview with G-Unit, Tony Yayo confirmed that 50 Cent abstains from drugs and alcohol. Macklemore is another rapper who has worked incredibly hard to disprove the glamorization of drug use. He has been very public about his past drug use and recent relapses.